Client: Planters Peanuts | Production: HouseSpecial

This was the first project I had the privilege of working on during my internship at HouseSpecial. When I arrived, most of the  pre-production work had already been completed, so I stepped into the fabrication world and help out wherever I could. 

On my first or second day, I met the art director of this project, Gee Staughton. In conversation he asked me, "so what do you like to do?" to which I replied, "well, I like to design and build things." Soon after I was tasked with designing, fabricating, and texturing architectural elements for the factory. 

The incredible people in the fabrication department were more than willing to answer any of my questions and share their knowledge on techniques and methodologies. Being at a place like HouseSpecial, where everyone has such a specific skill set, I made it my goal to learn as much as I could. The production steadily moved along and sets changed from foam mock ups to miniature world. 

The Planters project was a great introduction to the world of stop motion. I learned so much on this project and exercised my previous skill set in new ways. It was a challenge to design at a specific scale, but one I greatly enjoyed. By the end of this spot, I had worked in a variety of settings from fabrication to design and print media.